Behavioural Change

We grow your people. They grow your business.

Training, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.



We teach advanced people skills to leaders, managers and salespeople.

Learn how to actually improve other people's behaviour. Conduct fewer, shorter and better meetings. Become a better listener. Be more compelling. Negotiate more successfully. Provide and receive better feedback. Obtain more and more profitable sales in fewer and shorter sales calls.


Professional coaches help individuals and teams expand their capacity and effectiveness while achieving specific, tangible, measurable, challenging goals.

Emotional Intelligence

The 15 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence are often a greater determinant of business and career success than IQ, education and experience combined.

We scientifically measure EI and coach people to significantly and rapidly enhance their EI scores, professional and personal relationships and business results.

Training that is "Superior", even "Far Superior"

During our most recent complete year, 100% of Canadian business professionals described the training we provide as "Superior" or "Far Superior" compared to professional development they normally receive.

40% said "Far Superior".

In this 6 1/2 minute "lunch and learn", founder Scott Ferguson crunches the numbers and explains exactly how we do it.

... All before you finish your lunch!


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Let's explore how we can help grow your people – individuals and teams – so they can help you accelerate progress


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